Forestry equipment

DCF / DCR / DCE, Plowshares nonstop C3S, Cover-Crop non-stop C8D and Mulcher BRD


Since 1972, DAIRON SAS designs a full range of oversized rotary cultivators for forest soil preparation in the most extreme conditions.
These RotaDairon forestry machines can harrow grounds covered with 700 to 800 tree stumps per hectare!
Of course, the RotaDairon "Industrial" machines offer the same high quality characteristics for heavy agricultural work.

Mulcher BRD

A few years ago, the Green material mulcher BRD 50 was added to our forestry equipment range.
The BRD50 patented design significantly improves the mulchingresults. It's floating system allows the machine to follow every curve, bump and unevenness of the ground automatically.

Plowshares nonstop C3S, Cover-Crop non-stop C8D

There are currently two types of forestry machinery for specific treatments: The plowshares and Cover-Crops.

Plowshares nonstop(C3S) is a tool with coutlers.

Plow discs non-stop (C8D) is a tool hard to perform Pseudo-Labour (technical executed to supplement or replace the work of conventional tillage with the plow).

Rotadairon machine for soil preparation before roadworks Plowshares nonstop Dairon IWS Cover-Crop Cover-Crop Dairon IWS Dairon XR 150 machine - seedbeds and solid beds preparer
DCR/DCE/DCF Plowshares nonstop C3S Cover-Crop non-stop C8D Mulcher BRD

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