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New Seed-Car on 14/01/2014 11h14

Discover the SEED-CAR, the new manual seeder DAIRON SAS, available early 2014.
It has a stainless steel tank with a volume of 25 liters for an overall width of 850 mm.
The rear roller can be ballasted up to 18 liters to improve soil settlement.

And you will have a high quality seeder manual DAIRON SAS!

You can find more information about the product.

New RX200 on 14/01/2014 10h53

He currently in the range of the new RX.

The new preparer seedbed, the RX 200, innovates by its small dimensions. Indeed, the overall width of the machine is 2.52 m, which promotes its transport at road. Decreasing its width is a new conception.

There are no less effective with 2.05 m width and 220 mm depth.

You can find more information about the product.

New Stony 115 on 14/03/2012 11h08

A new machine comes Stony expand our family.

The Stony 115.

Halfway between a 90 and a Stony RD 100, the Stony 115 allows
a working width of 1100 mm for a power of 20 to 25 tractor HP.

Discover the product here

New seeder : The R-Seeder on 14/03/2012 11h06

This is Salonvert 2011, exhibition dedicated to professionals of the green space and landscape, the company DAIRON SAS introduced its new seeder : the R-Seeder.
This new propelled seeder is equipped with the seeder flutes, DAIRON patent, which allows precise dosing and regular seeds (flowering meadow and grass).

More Informations here

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