DAIRON Company history

- 1958 -

DAIRON establishments are created by Mr DAIRON Septime in Pruillé l'Eguillé in the French department of Sarthe.

Its main purpose back then was to build farming machinery, precisely tuber windrowers for potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, for which the first DAIRON patent was awarded.

Mr DAIRON Septime DAIRON company founder
Dairon Lifter-Windrower

From 1960 to 1971, the production is expanded with the first design to bear the name ROTADAIRON, a new range of rotary hoes.

DAIRON buildings in Pruillé l'Eguillé
Field work with the DAIRON potatoes windrower
DAIRON buildings during 1962's farmers institute
The business is then mainly agricultural and regional.

- 1980 -

DAIRON establishments becomes SARL DAIRON.

- 1985 -

Golf range creation      
Well established in the forestry sector, DAIRON wishes to expand their products line with ambitions towards the rapid growth of the golf sector in France. Which is why the company releases another innovation on the national market, the stone burier. This soil preparation machine provides multiple applications: fairways and greens, but sports fields and landscape gardens as well.
It's an immediate success: DAIRON becomes the French leader in the stone buriers business and one of the world's leaders in the sector for golf courses preparation machines. Rotadairon stone burier
Always innovating, DAIRON keeps its technological head start by issuing new patents.

- 1986 -

SARL DAIRON becomes the public limited company - S.A. DAIRON

- 1997 -

The S.A. DAIRON company moves to a larger production site in Mulsanne (Sarthe), right in the middle of the renowned track of Le Mans 24 hours race.
The very same year, DAIRON expands to the North-American market.

- From 1998 to 1999 -

New ROTADAIRONmarket gardening range in France Dairon Market gardening range
Further development for the green spaces range for mini-loaders from BOBCAT, ASV, TORO, DITCH WITCH and others.
DAIRON RDH machine for mini-loader DAIRON RDH machine for mini-loader

- 2000 -

Launch of the ROTADAIRON market gardening Export range .
Inauguration of the subsidiary company Rotadairon Emrex Incorporatedin North America  

- 2001 -

S.A DAIRON becomes DAIRON S.A.S. RXX - Dairon

Launch of a ROTADAIRON heavy machines range (RXX range),
with 3 and 4 metres working width and 200 to 400 HP. (Patents pending)


- 2003 -

Newgreen spaces maintenance equipment released : the ED 130. ED130 - Dairon
With this new dethatcher-moss scraper, the DAIRON company continues to expand its offer, leading to new patents.

- 2004 -

New importer in Japan to satisfy customers' specific demands. Turf-processor Dairon
Launch of the Turf Processor.
This machine prepares the soil, lays the compost and seeds.

- 2006 -

The ED 130 becomes the ED130TS with the addition of a waste collector and a rotating brush.
ED130TS - Dairon
(development protected by issued patents)

- 2007 -

The R&D department of DAIRON SAS provides advanced technology seeders that complete the spectrum of the landscaping range, along with the stone buriers.
These splined seeders "SMC" are designed to reduce the quantity of seeds used and to improve the seeding precision. Splined seeder SMC - Dairon SAS
This new design requires plastic injection moulding.
The DAIRON S.A.S. company therefore broadens it's expertise with plastic processes in order to produce the seeders.

- 2008 -

Further development of precision seeders, for seeding and overseeding of flower seeds (wildflower meadows).

The diversity in shapes and density in this specific area makes the research ever more complex. The DAIRON S.A.S. company is a pioneer in the field.
A new green material mulcher is designed.
The BRD50 patented design significantly improves the mulching results. It's floating system allows the machine to follow every curve, bump and unevenness of the ground automatically.
Green material mulcher BRD50 - Dairon - with patented floating system

- 2010 -

DAIRON S.A.S. completes its golf maintenance range by releasing two new machines: the RG-type fairway overseeder and the green overseeder RGD-type.

Both benefit from the new precision seeder SMC technology.
RG 140 - Dairon

- 2012 -

A new self-propelled seeders range is revealed with the R-Seeder machines
Sd 700 and SD 720.

R-Seeder details.

R-Seeder - Dairon
Stony 115 - Dairon

The Stony range is diversified with the new Stony 115.
An hybrid machine between the Stony 90 and the RD 100.

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Since the creation of the company, DAIRON always looked for innovation and thrived to revolutionize its customers experience.

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