Dairon company values

ROTADAIRON machines are manufactured with utmost care by DAIRON SAS

DAIRON SAS has opted for high quality raw materials and requires an original inspection certificate from its steel suppliers.

Most of those materials are processed on-site by DAIRON SAS's own staff.
For DAIRON SAS, maintaining the on-site production of the main organs and safety systems of their machines is a major priority.

The DAIRON SAS equipments can therefore face any task our customers set forth.
The quality of work and durability of ROTADAIRON machines are highly praised by their users.
Since the creation of the company by Mr Septime Dairon in 1958, DAIRON SAS know-how is passed down, thus ensuring perpetual quality.

 Quality is not an act, it is a habit.  

This diligence is well expressed in DAIRON SAS motto :


The entire DAIRON SAS team embodies the knowledge gained through years of trade on the French and international markets.

Turner/Miller position  Welding   Assembly

Professionals from all crafts and trades are solicited to contribute to new designs, thus ensuring the proper development of our ROTA DAIRON products.

The DAIRON SAS research and development departement is always at the cutting edge of technology and has been using 3D CAD for years. The products are patent-protected to guarantee exclusive technology to our customers.

  Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. 
Steve Jobs

On a permanent technology watch, DAIRON SAS is able to produce instruction manuals that comply with the latest machinery directives and to provide the CE EU Declaration of conformity in collaboration with the Technical center for the mechanical industry (CETIM).

DAIRON engineering and design department

DAIRON SAS endeavours to connect with its customers by offering quality after sales service and hotline. The spare parts department is very efficient, with a well-managed stock and on-site production. Anything we do to help our customers succeed will undoubtedly turn out to be a new asset for us.

 Ask not what your customer can do for you, ask what you can do for your customer.   
Faith Popcorn

Quality, innovation and after sales efficiency are core values of DAIRON SAS, heartfelt beliefs that allows for our machines' durability and cost-effectiveness as well as for our customers satisfaction.

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