Rotadairon ® Mulcher BRD 50 for hydraulic mini utility loaders

The Rotadairon ® BRD 50, for hydraulic mini utility loaders, is designed to mulch grass and brambles.

The floating system increases the efficiency : the machine follows every curve, bump and unevenness of the ground automatically

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Manuals and parts list (only for Rotadairon dealers)

BRD 50 Rotadairon

Hydraulic engine

Floating system mount plate

Push bar

Rotadairon ® BRD 50 Scope of work

The Rotadairon ® BRD 50 is designed to mulch brambles as well as dense grass. Its floating system, patented by Dairon, allows the machine to follow every curve, bump and unevenness of the ground automatically for increased productivity.

Tracking perfectly and automatically to contours of the ground (Patent Dairon)

BRD 50 minimum
32l/min at 170 bars, 45l/min recommended
1270 mm 30 à 70 mm Inox 222 kg
With non-polluting 1/2 couplers

    Special features :
  • Follows automatically and perfectly the ground irregularities.
  • Y-shaped blades assembly on clevis fasteners
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Height range : 30 to 70 mm
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