Rotadairon ® Overseeders - Lawn regenarators ROOG

Our Rotadairon ® ROOG is designed for overseeding and regenerating operations.
The ROOG is a slit seeder.
The seeding results are of the utmost precision, thanks to the global volume adjustment of the seeder's dispenser slots.

Notice Rotadairon

and parts list (only for Rotadairon ®

Rotadairon ROOG

High resistance stainless steel discs

Stainless steel tank
Spline distributor

Seed rate adjustment with "hourly dial type" indicator

Rotadairon ® ROOG scope of work

The Rotadairon ® overseeder - lawn regenerator ROOG can be used on any green space or sports ground. Work results are always guaranteed, even on wet grounds (morning dew).

Model Disc to Disc Distance Working Width Working depth Roller Weight
Roog 150.60 6 cm 1500 mm 0 to 60 mm Rear - Stainless steel 550 Kg
Roog 150.30 3 cm 1500 mm 0 to 60 mm Rear - Stainless steel 800 Kg

    Special features :
  • Working depth: 0 to 30 mm
  • No PTO needed

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