Rotadairon ® Seeder SEED-CAR

The dairon company designed the Rotadairon ® Seeder SEED-CAR to seed all turf types, such as bluegrass, fescue or rye-grass. It also seeds and rolls all "cornered" grounds, no matter how narrow or hard to reach.
Rotadairon SEEDY

Manual seeder

Rotadairon ® SEED-CAR scope of work

TheRotadairon ® manual seedersSEED-CAR are to be used on grounds prepared beforehand using a soil preparer / stone burier.

SEED-CAR Manual 700 mm 25 litres 51 kg

    Special features :
  • Multi-purpose seeder for small areas
  • Expanded metal front roller 225
  • Stainless steel rear roller 204
  • Calibration trough
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with seeder control.
  • Visual indicator for seeding rate adjustment

  • Rotadairon SEED-CAR
    Rotadairon SEED-CAR pictures
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