Dethatchers-Spikers Rotadairon ® ED 130 / 180 - ED 130 TS

The Rotadairon ® ED 130 / 180 range is designed for dethatching, verticutting, spiking (ground aeration through holes) and rolling operations. Four actions with a single machine :

  • When the PTO is engaged :
    • Dethatching : Adjustable working depth from 0 to 60 mm.
    • Verticutting : scarifies the ground surface from 0 to 5 mm.
  • When the PTO is disengaged or uncoupled:
    • Ground rolling for deep aeration (Spiking) ; perfect for golf greens and sports grounds maintenance.

The Rotadairon ® ED 130 TS also brushes the turf and collects the thatch, on top of the previously stated actions.

Notice Rotadairon

and parts list (only for Rotadairon ®

ED Rotadairon

Dual-use front roller
(Dethatching / Spiking)

Quick blade assembly

Rotadairon ® ED 130 / 180 - ED 130 TS Scope of work

Blade assembly technique

The dethatchers-SpikersRotadairon ® ED 130 / 180 can be used on any type of green space or sports ground. Work results are always guaranteed, even on wet grounds (morning dew).
For quick blade change, we designed a new assembling technique. This DAIRON patented technique allows for a quick and easy blade change with magnetic positioning of the blades and single-bolt securing on the rotor's end.

The Dethatcher-Spiker Rotadairon ® ED 130 TS offers additional brushing and collecting features, essential for golf greens maintenance.
The whole rear part of the ED 130 TS has a patent pending. The special brush allows for optimum brushing and spotless thatch collecting . The collecting container, equipped with hydraulic unloading, has a 180 litres capacity which is generally enough for an entire golf green.

ED 130 25 to 45 HP 1300 mm 0 to 60 mm Stainless steel front
Stainless steel rear
336 kg
ED 180 30 to 45 HP 1800 mm 0 to 60 mm 366 kg
ED 130 TS Rotary brush + Collecting container 386 kg

Blade of ED
    Special features :
  • fixed-blades scarifying
  • Quick blade assembly (Patent Pending)

    • Optional features :
  • No. 1 cutlery stainless steel sharpened blades for dethatching
  • No. 2 cutlery stainless steel non-sharpened blades for rougher dethatching
  • No. 3 cutlery carbon steel non-sharpened blades with carbide pads for rougher dethatching and sawing

  • Hydraulic couplers for standard ED 130 TS and ED 130 use with added standard roller frame.
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