Rotadairon ® STH 36 Micro-buriers for mini utility loaders

Our Rotadairon ® STH 36 range is designed for all-purpose soil renovation and refurbishing.
it combines harrowing, levelling, stone/waste/grass burying,
surface mixing, seeding and rolling operations.

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Rotadairon STH 36
Hydraulic engine

Levelling blade

Metal mesh or cast-iron roller

Optional stainless steel seeder

Rotadairon ® STH 36 Scope of work

The Rotadairon ®STH 36 machine is designed to prepare the seedbed before lawn sodding, it is the perfect tool to create or renovate green spaces (parks, landscape gardens,...) as well as sports fields (golf courses, stadiums, ...).

Mini utility loaders with Ditch-Witch type mount plate or equivalents.
STH 36 D 38 l/min at 206 bars 963 mm 140 mm Metal mesh 265 kg
With non-polluting 1/2 couplers
Mini utility loaders with Bobcat-type mount plate or equivalents.
STH 36 B 38 l/min at 206 bars 963 mm 140 mm Metal mesh 275 kg
With 3/4 couplers

Attach plate
    Special features :
  • Hydraulic engine
  • Mechanical roller offset settings
  • Quick-hitch device
  • Working depth : 140 mm
  • Anti-plough pan blades
  • Oil bath chain

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