Rotadairon ® Overseeders - Lawn regenarators RGD140

Our Rotadairon ® RGD 140 is designed for overseeding and regenerating operations.
The RGD 140 is a slit seeder.
The seeding results are of the utmost precision, thanks to the global volume adjustment of the seeder's dispenser slots.

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and parts list (only for Rotadairon ®

Rotadairon RGD 140

Stainless steel chamber

Splined seed dispensers

Seeding rate adjustment with "dial" indicator

Rotadairon ® RGD 140 scope of work

The Rotadairon ® overseeder - lawn regenerator RGD 140 can be used on any green space or sports ground. Work results are always guaranteed, even on wet grounds (morning dew).

RGD 140 25 à 45 HP 1440 mm 0 to 60 mm Front - Stainless steel
Rear - tyres
770 kg

    Special features :
  • Visual indicators to ensure proper seed rate and working depth adjustments.
  • Special tines on the rotor keep the furrows opened for optimal seeding.
  • Working depth: 0 to 30 mm
  • Mass can be increased for improved disc penetration.
  • No PTO needed
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