Rotadairon ® STM 75 RAPID Buriers for RAPID tiller

Rotadairon ® STM 75 RAPID is a burier for RAPID tillers. They are mainly intended for the burial of stones, detritus and grasses.

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STM 60 / 75 Rotadairon

Levelling blade

Metal Mesh Roller

Rotadairon ® STM 75 RAPID Scope of work
Rotadairon ®STM 75 RAPID Micro-burrier are used, depending on the nature of the ground, directly or on a ground previously uncompressed deep and rid of large stones.

STM 75 RAPID EURO 4 750 mm 100 mm Metal Mesh 155 kg
Option: hydraulic jack on roller

Specificities :
  • Torque limiter in oil bath
  • Safety by torque limiter at the end of the rotor (Dairon patent)
  • Oversized rotor
  • Anti-sole blades (Dairon patent)
  • Option: hydraulic jack on roller