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Stone buriers for Skid-Steer (mini- loader)

This soil and stone burier is designed for Skid-Steer (mini-loader). There are three versions of the machine hitch:

  • Toro / Ditch Witch / Vermeer type hitch plate: STH 36
  • Bobcat type hitch plate: STH 36 B
  • Adaptable to your carrier by your own : supplied without hitch plate, without hoses, without couplers: STH 36 ADAPT

It allows the building or renovation of green spaces by preparing the seed bed before seeding. The machine is multi-purpose, it allows tilling, burying (stones, rubbish, herbs, etc.), levelling, mixing and rolling the surface. The use is done live or on a ground previously decompacted in depth and cleared of large stones.

  • Oversized rotor
  • Anti-pad blades (Rotadairon® patent)
  • Selection grid fingers
  • Conventional quick hook system
  • Grader blade


  • Fast coupling / uncoupling device
  • Rear mesh roller side adjustment device by cylinder (Requires auxiliary hydraulic line)

Additional information

Weight 265 kg
STH 36 : Hitch plate

Toro / Ditch Witch / Vermeer

STH 36 B : Hitch plate


STH 36 ADAPT : Hitch plate

Without hitch plate, without hoses, without couplers

Working width

963 mm (38'')

Total width

1330 mm (52" 1/4)


STH 36 : 265 Kg (584.2 lb)
STH 36 B : 280 Kg (650.3 lb)
STH 36 ADAPT : 255 Kg (562.2 lb)

Carrier: Hydraulic flow

30 to 45 l/min (7.9 to 11.8 US gpm)

Carrier: Pressure

200 to 250 Bars (2900 to 3625 psi)


STH 36 : 1.15 meters (45'' 1/4)
STH 36 B : 1 meter (39'' 1/3)
STH 36 ADAPT : /

Working depth (max)

140 mm (5’’ 1/2)

Rotor outer diameter

400 mm (15’’ 3/4)

Depth adjustment

Rear roller height adjustable 4 positions

Number of blades


Grid finger spacing

22 mm (7/8'')

Forward speed of the carrier

0,8 to 1,5 Km/h (0.5 to 0.9 mph)

Rotor transmission


Made by the carrier

Transport dimension (mm)

Rotadairon® STH 36 Tiller Stone buriers for Skid Steer


Want to breathe new life into your field? Select one of our soil preparers, the Rotadairon® STH 36. This stone burier has a hitch that allows it to adapt to Skid Steer.

This stone burier is used in two ways. Either directly on your old ground, or on your unpacked ground and cleared of its large stones. This machine has a total width of 1330 mm (52″ ¼) and a working width of 963 mm (38″). Thanks to its strength and power, it prepares your soil and buries detritus, grass and even rocks present on your surface. Its adjustable rear roller helps you control the working depth, which can go up to 140 mm (5” ½).

Its oversized rotor equipped with 20 patented anti-sole blades turns the ground upside down, thus burying the bulky waste from the old surface. The grid fingers retain the waste and the rocks leaving only the finest soil, which will then be levelled thanks to its height adjustable blade. Finally, its metal mesh roller allows a perfect finish of the terrain.

Our soil preparers replace many tools. In a single pass, your ground is clean, turned and oxygenated. With our Rotadairon® STH 36 Stone burier, your plot is ready for planting again.

Technical Specifications

Size of the machine

  • width: 1330 mm (52″ ¼)
  • length: 1545 mm (60″ ¾)
  • height: 620 mm (24″ ½)
  • total weight: 265 Kg (584.2 lb)

Work Dimension 

  • width: 963 mm (38″)
  • working depth: 140 mm (5” ½)


  • Oversized rotor
  • Anti-pad blades (Rotadairon® patent)
  • Selection grid fingers
  • Conventional quick hook system
  • Soil preparation principle
  • Adjustable rear roller height
  • Grader blade

Option and additional accessory

  • Fast coupling / uncoupling device
  • Rear mesh roller side adjustment device by cylinder


The Rotadairon® STH 36 Stone buriers are to be used:

  • on deep unpacked ground
  • directly on the parcel

Service and Warranty

The Rotadairon® STH 36 Stone buriers are delivered with:

  • a user manual
  • a one-year warranty certificate

It is possible to add a one-year warranty extension (additional option).

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