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Our machine allows you to carry out 4 different actions on your land: Sanitize your soil to the desired depth (during dethatching or scarification). Use the machine, without coupling to PTO for aeration action (spiking). The rolling effect of the rear roller closes your actions.


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Our exclusive system for attaching knives to the rotor allows a change of cutting tools in less than 1h30 (*). Each knife is placed independently on the rotor. These are then clamped by a single nut located at the end of the shaft. Vary the position and/or type of knives according to your operating conditions!

(*) DS 130



Our machine makes it possible to carry out in one pass the dethatch of a green: the extracted material is then collected in the collection tray. No need to use a vacuum cleaner to start collecting, the floor is brushed and waste collected, even in the case of morning operations. Your golf course remains available!

Rotadairon machines for dethatching-spiking







more details on the model

  • Dethatching or scarification
  • Aeration
  • Rolling
  • Sharped
  • Not Sharped
  • Carbide
  • Basic version including a single front roller
  • A first option: additional rear roller for more precision
  • A second «SWING» option to allow optimum flexibility on hilly terrain (Option 1 required).

Machines designed to last:

  • Exceptional lifespan, seen year after year in the field
  • High mechanical strength steels, combined welding/assembly design
  • Our motto, quality since 1958
  • Qualified and loyal staff who create day after day our ROTADAIRON equipment

Rotadairon machines for dethatching-spiking soils

Dethatching is essential for the maintenance of your lawn, grass and other surfaces. The accumulation of organic debris on the surface of the soil leads to felt formation, which prevents the grass from breathing, water to circulate freely, thus promoting cryptogamic diseases. The dethatching machine is the most effective tool to remove the accumulation of this layer on your lawns.

The Rotadairon® dethatching machine DS 130 and DS 180 can perform 4 different actions on your lawns:

  • Dethatching removes organic matter that slows down permeability and gas exchange and leads to cryptogamic diseases and grass tearing
  • Verticutting is the scarification of the soil, that is to say, to aerate and reduce the waste of grass cut on your grass and lawns then left on site
  • Spiking is the soil aeration by perforation. This operation strengthens the depth of rooting and increases the water penetration of your grass
  • The rolling of the soil removes air pockets at the roots and allows a better rooting of the young seedlings. All these dethatching processes together will make your surfaces healthier and sublimated.

Whatever the nature of your terrain, the Rotadairon® dethatching machine DS 130 and DS 180 have been specially designed to adapt it. Equipped with a single roller at the front, the basic version allows the DS130 and DS180 to dethatch a large flat surface type such as a sports field. For better maintenance and monitoring of the terrain, a second roller (option 1) can be added to the rear, offering a better quality dethatching. For uneven and hilly terrain, the swing kit (option 2) offers perfect flexibility in the operation. The profile of the ground is precisely monitored, allowing a high-quality dethatching on hilly golf courses. Requiring the second roller, the swing kit benefits from increased stability during operation.

Spikers DS dethatchers: 3 possibilities for more flexibility!

Our range of Spikers Dethatchers allows you to carry out dethatching or aeration operations on all your grounds, whatever their nature.

3 variants are available to you to carry out all your work :

  •  A basic version, with a front roller, allowing dethatching to be carried out on relatively regular ground, on sports grounds for example.
  • A version with rear roller, (option 1), offering better ground monitoring.
  • A “swing” version, requiring option 1, allowing optimized ground monitoring and optimal thatching on hilly ground.

So whether you want to dethatch a football field, or a golf course or a grassy area, we now have a complete solution to offer to you.

The Rotadairon® dethatching machine ED 130 TS is mainly dedicated to Golf Green dethatching operations and performs 6 different operations: dethatching, verticutting, spiking (scarification), rolling but also sweeping to remove the material that remains on the ground on your lawn. It straightens the grass as well as collecting the felt in a 180-litre hydraulic discharge bin. No need to use a mower to pick up waste on your Greens!

The exclusive system of knives fixing to the rotor allows a quick change (in 1h30!) and without any effort of the cutting tools. Each knife is placed independently on the rotor, so to vary their positioning and model. Rotadairon offers 3 types of knives depending on your operating conditions: sharp, not sharp, carbide.

  • Sharpened knives: made of stainless steel for a classic dethatching.
  • Not sharpened knives: made of stainless steel for a more aggressive dethatching
  • Carbide knives: made of alloy steel with carbide plate for a very aggressive dethatching

In order to keep a sublimated looking turf, the dethatching/scarification operation should be repeated at least twice a year in spring and September (under common temperate climate conditions) or during active growing season

If you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, choose the Rotadairon® dethatching machine DS 130 or 180. The ED are particularly suitable for dethatching the sports fields and golf courses.

For an even better result on your greens, choose for the Rotadairon® dethatching machine ED 130 TS model with pick-up bin! In a single pass it provides dethatching and the pickup, of a golf green. No need to use an air blower to blow the cutting residues, the ground is brushed and waste collected, even during morning operations.

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