Rotadairon machines for winegrowers






Rotadairon machines for winegrowers

The soil preparation is an essential step to have a homogeneous quality of soil ready to receive the seeds. Whether you are a winegrower, farmer or horticulturist, any crop requires optimal tillage beforehand.

ROTADAIRON has developed a wide range of soil preparers which has made its reputation throughout the years. These soil preparers are very effective tools that allow you to work on all types of soil.

As winegrower, your role is to maintain your wine inter-row and keep the soil in good condition.

RotadaironĀ® soil preparers work the soil through several stages: first there is the milling of the soil, then comes the burial of the largest stones, clods of grass and other waste. This sorting is done thanks to the selection grid which buries the largest elements while lets the finest pass. This is the principle of soil preparation. Then, the accumulation of the fine grind will allow the leveling blade to spread the soil evenly. Finally, the mesh roller will waffle the floor and the smooth roller will allow smooth soil compaction.

The ROTADAIRON company offers soil preparers that can be adapted to various types of equipment: multi-tool frame, tractors, micro tractord, but also hydraulic carriers.

Our soil preparers are designed to work in a variety of environments, whether you are working inter-row or in large spaces, these tools will allow you to work the soil in all conditions.

Several elements can guide your choices, the desired working depth or width, the environment in which you will use your soil preparer, but above all you must take into account the power available to your carrier.

If you work inter-row, our range of RV soil preparers is ideal.

As a winegrower, you will certainly want to work in inter-row, on more or less large surfaces. This is perfectly suited to our range of soil preparers, which is particularly suited to the winegrowing sector.

The RotadaironĀ® RV 50 winegrowing range offers the possibility to prepare the soil between wine inter-rows.

This soil preparer, designed for all winegrowers, can be adapted to various models of carriers multi-tool frame ranging from 18 to 25CV. It allows you to work up to a depth of 14cm over a working width of 500mm.

Inter-row work allows you to replace or integrate chemical soil control. By using these technical, such as : destroying cover crops and maintaining plants, the winegrower contributes to the natural improvement of soil properties, but also reduces erosion. This helps to bury fertilizers, soil decompacting and deep root penetration.

By having a powerful tractor, it is also possible to use our preparers and to have a winegrowing use.

Indeed, our RotadaironĀ® RX 200 soil preparer is designed to be driven by tractors with a power of at least 80 CV.

The RotadaironĀ® RX 200 : covering a working width of 2042 mm, and going up to 20 cm deep.The RotadaironĀ® RX 200 will adapt to your wine-growing activity and to the preparation of your soil, enabling the creation or renovation of spaces.

The winegrowing gives you the opportunity to equip yourselfĀ , depending on your carrier, but also on what to what you want as result of your work.