The preparation of the soil is an essential act in order to have a homogeneous, quality soil ready to receive the seeds. Whether you are a market gardener, farmer or horticulturist, any crop requires optimal tillage beforehand.

This is indeed a key step before starting any culture. Soil preparation is a must.

ROTADAIRON has developed a wide range of soil preparers which has made its reputation over time. These soil preparers are very effective tools that allow you to work all types of soil.

As a market gardener, your role is to grow your crops with optimal yield thanks to quality soil.

RotadaironĀ® soil preparers work the soil through several stages: first there is the milling of the soil, to which is added the burial of the largest stones, clods of grass and other waste. This sorting is done thanks to the selection grid which buries the largest elements while lets the finest pass. This is the principle of soil preparation. Then, the accumulation of the fine grind will allow the leveling blade to spread the soil evenly. Finally, the expanded metal roll will emboss the floor.

Your soil is now ready to receive your seeds.

The ROTADAIRON company offers soil preparers that can be adapted to various types of equipment: micro tractors, tractors, mini loaders, etc.

Our soil preparers are designed to work in a variety of environments, whether you are working in beds, in the open field over large spaces, or in small greenhouses, these tools will allow you to work the soil in all conditions.

Several elements can guide your choices, the desired working depth or width, the environment in which you will use your soil preparer, but above all you must take into account the power available to your tractor.

If you work in beds, our range of TERRAGRO soil preparers is ideal.

Equipped with discs at the front (optional) which allow you to create foot passes, these preparers allow you to prepare the ground while creating your cultivation beds.

The beds have, in all respects, a perfect homogeneity of density favoring a more grouped germination of the seeds and a faster recovery of the plants.

If you do not want to create beds, it is possible to remove the discs in order to have a classic rendering, or to move towards another range just as suitable for the market gardening, horticultural or agricultural sector.

As a market gardener, you will certainly want to work in beds, on more or less large surfaces. This is perfectly suited to our range of soil preparers, which are particularly suited to the market gardening sector.

From RotadaironĀ® TR 130 to TR 170, our TERRAGRO range offers the possibility of creating your seedbeds as well as preparing your soil.

These soil preparers intended for all market gardeners can be adapted to various models of tractors ranging from 35 to 95 CV.

– The RotadaironĀ® TR130 adapts to various tractors ranging from 35 to 60 CV. It allows you to work up to a depth of 16cm over a working width of 130cm.

– The RotadaironĀ® TR150 is designed for tractors ranging from 40 to 70 CV. It offers a working width of 150cm.

– The RotadaironĀ® TR170, the largest soil preparer in the market gardening range, can work almost 180cm wide at a maximum depth of 16cm, provided you have a tractor with a power between 50 and 95 CV.

The discs, at the front of the machine, are necessary to create the foot pass between the boards and are the perfect ally for the market gardener. Naturally, it is possible to remove them if you do not want to create beds.

By having a less powerful tractor, it is also possible to use our preparers and to have a market gardening or agricultural use.

Indeed, our range of STONY soil preparers is designed to be driven by tractors with a power of at least 18 CV.

This is the case with the RotadaironĀ® STONY 90: covering a working width of nearly one meter, and going up to 14cm deep, it is an excellent compromise for low-power tractors. Whether you have cramped greenhouses, or 2 ha of open field, our STONY machines will adapt to your market gardening or agricultural activity.

Also, the RotadaironĀ® STONY 115, offering a working width equal to 110cm, adapts to tractors with a power of 20 to 25 CV minimum.

The STONY range also has the possibility of accommodating a disc or an additional element allowing you to create a foot pass if you wish to work on a bed.

Otherwise, this soil preparer is used more generally without a foot pass and allows for high quality soil preparation.

Finally, by having a slightly more powerful tractor, we can direct you to our RD range of soil preparers. These models will perfectly meet your expectations, whether you are a market gardener, horticulturist, farmer, they will accompany you in the accomplishment of your work, whatever your activity.

They are more robust and just as versatile.

Our range of RD soil preparers starts with the RotadaironĀ® RD 100 which covers a working width of 110cm, allowing the largest elements to be buried up to 14cm in the ground.

Our RotadaironĀ® RD 100 requires a minimum power of 25 CV to operate properly.

Slightly larger, the RD130, a very compact machine that adapts to a large number of micro tractors, offers a working width of almost 140cm.

It requires a minimum power of 30 CV to operate it.

Finally, the RotadaironĀ® RD 145 is suitable for tractors from 30 to 50 CV. The RD145 offers a working width of 1500mm and can also bury clods of earth and stones up to 14cm deep in the ground.

Whatever your market gardening or agricultural activity is, you have a multitude of possibilities to equip yourself, depending on your carrier, but also on what you want as a result of your work.