It is by observing the tillage and the results obtained by the «Rotavator» that we have evolved the design of the blades which were originally squared. The results are spectacular and allow you to achieve a high quality soil preparation. The V-blades avoid the smoothing of the bottom of the work profile, thus not creating a pan and allowing the ground to maintain its drainage qualities. Our blades are made from premium quality steels to ensure a long service life.



Our Rotadairon® Soil Preparation Machines (Stone Buriers) have been designed to give you an impeccable look over the entire working width, right from the first pass. Our specialists are there to advise you on the choice of the best tool adapted to your current or future power source. By using the principle of overlapping, due to the offset of the machine, you will avoid the marking of your carrier between two passes and be proud of your achievement! As an option on most of our equipment, you will also be able to choose a seeding machine adapted to our soil preparers and will then realize, in a single pass also your seeding.

Rotadairon machines for soil preparation







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Our range includes equipment that can be adapted to the following carriers:

  • Tiller
  • Tractor
  • Skid steer
  • Hydraulic loader
  • Remote Tool Holder
  • Seed drill: we offer the option of adding a seed drill to most of our equipment
  • Gravity, spline or pneumatic seed drills
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Chassis Displacement (*)
  • Choice of different types of rollers (**): metal mesh roller, cast iron roller or pneumatic roller
  • For other options: consult us. We will work with you to find solutions to your needs

(*) requires a dedicated hydraulic connection on your carrier
(**) for some products

A safety system as close as possible to the work area to protect the mechanics of the machine up to the carrier

Machines designed to last:

  • Exceptional lifespan, seen year after year in the field
  • High strength steels, combined welding/assembly design

Our motto, quality since 1958

Qualified and loyal staff who create our ROTADAIRON equipment day after day

Rotadairon machines for soil preparation – stone buriers

Preparing the ground is an essential step to properly landscaping green spaces or sports fields and golf courses. A soil strewn with stones is not a suitable surface for a good seed bed. The most effective tool to remedy this is the stone burier.

A stone burier allows different actions in a single pass. It is all these processes that will lead the soil to be properly oxygenated. Thus the seedbed will be in the optimum conditions to accommodate the seeds and constitute the foundation of your crops and your grass.

A stone burier first breaks up the ground, then stones, grass clumps and waste are buried. They will have been retained by the screening fingers and then buried. On the surface of the ground, only finely sieved soil remains. The spreading is regular and the ground will be levelled thanks to the final rolling.

These machines are valuable allies that adapt to your soil even when it is particularly compact and hard, which is why they are excellent soil preparers. There are several models of stone buriers. You have to take into account the nature of the land and your purpose. The choice is also motivated by the power of the tractor used.

Rotadairon offers stone buriers for loaders and tractors of variable power. Several criteria can guide your selection: the working width (from 750 mm to 3680 mm), the working depth (from 140 mm to 220 mm), the number of blades and grid fingers, the PTO speed and the power required… The coupling can be moved manually or mechanically.

For Mini Loaders, choose Rotadairon® stone burier STH 36 and 42.

For Hydraulic Loaders, choose Rotadairon® stone burier RDH 52, RDH 60 and RDH 70.

For Remote controlled tool carrier, choose Rotadairon® stone burier RCH 60.

It is well suited for seeding and sports floors.

For small and medium power tractors, the following models are recommended: Rotadairon® Stony stone burier 75-90-115 (for micro-tractors from 15 to 25 HP), Rotadairon® stone burier RD 100-130-145 (for micro-tractors from 22 to 35 HP) and Rotadairon® stone burier RDL 150-180-200-250 (for 45 to 90 HP tractors).

For heavy-duty tractors, you can opt for the Rotadairon® stone burier RX 200-250-300-370 (for 90 to 200 HP tractors). This range of soil preparers is ideally suited for big jobs and particularly for turf and golf course builders.

Discover in more detail our entire range of products for the building and maintenance of green spaces!