The ROTADAIRON solution for
renovating old grass.

The ROTADAIRON® Zéro Phyto solution for old grass renovation.
TurfRenov® is a stripping kit made to fit your ROTADAIRON® STH 36 soil preparer.

The TurfRenov® kit can be completed with an optional control kit.


For raking, and more.

After TurfRenov®, ROTADAIRON introduces a new tool to optimize grass renovation operation in “ZERO PHYTO” mode.

Use the DynaRAKE to rake the surface of grass and its collar to a reduced thickness.

Use the DynaRAKE to remove debris and shape your lawn before using the ROTADAIRON soil preparer.

Extend your applications to resurfacing gravel roads!

The ROTADAIRON machines for raking







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A tool available with conventional hitch plate: Toro, Ditch Witch, Vermeer and hitch plate: Bobcat MT.

  • A rotor with premium carbide picks

Rotadairon® transmission with cast iron chaincase.

Machines designed to last:

  • Exceptional lifespan, seen year after year in the field
  • High strength steels, combined welding/assembly design

Our motto, quality since 1958

Qualified and loyal staff who create our ROTADAIRON equipment day after day

The ROTADAIRON machines for raking

Raking is an essential part of landscaping green spaces, prior to soil preparation. It can also be applied to stone path surfaces. The most effective tools for this purpose are : TurfRenov® and DynaRAKE.

DynaRAKE 50 : your ally in “zero phyto” lawn renovation

You want to protect the environment. You’ve banned the use of phytosanitary products when renovating old lawns. You don’t want to have to systematically dig the lawn before preparing the soil.

The DynaRAKE 50 allows you to strip your old turf and its collar to a reduced thickness. You then remove the waste with the levelling blade (separate tool), or simply decide to bury everything when your ROTADAIRON stone burier passes over to make the final seedbed.

Resurface your land: use the DynaRAKE 50 to bring in or remove soil from your surface. Thanks to the side gullies: bring in or spread material to reshape your land before moving on to soil preparation. The DynaRAKE 50 is ideally used upstream of a soil preparation machine.

An all-terrain tool! From old lawns to stony communal paths, the DynaRAKE 50 will get the job done to your satisfaction! For small-scale earthworks or levelling work on non-grassed, rather steep surfaces, the Dyna Rake will also adapt and perform well.

Developed after the TurfRenov®, a kit designed for our STH 36 soil preparation machine for superficial lawn stripping, the DynaRAKE 50 is a new multi-purpose zero phyto surfacing tool!

For your mini loaders, choose the DynaRAKE 50 !

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