Rotadairon machines for turf producers






Les machines rotadairon pour lā€™engazonnement des sols

Rotadairon machines for turf producers

RotadaironĀ® supports the players in the veneer grass industry with its equipment for soil preparation and sodding. Large machines have been specially designed for veneer turf operations.

Preparing the soil is an essential step to prepare a good seed bed. A soil strewn with stones is not a suitable primer for a good seed bed. The most effective tool to remedy this is the stone burier.

A stone burier allows different actions in a single pass. It is all these processes together that will lead the soil of the golf course to be properly oxygenated. Thus the seedbed will be in the optimum conditions to host the seeds and constitute the foundation of your crops and your grass.

A stone burier firstly prepares the ground milling. In addition, stones, grass clods and waste are buried. These have been retained by the selection grid and then buried. Then, only finely sieved soil remains on the surface of the ground. The spreading is regular and the ground will be levelled thanks to the final rolling.

These tools are valuable allies that adapt to the state of your soil even when it is particularly compact and hard, this is why they are excellent soil preparers. There are several models of stone buriers. You have to take into account the nature of the land and your purpose. The choice is also motivated by the power of the tractor used.

RotadaironĀ® offers stone buriers for variable power tractors. Several criteria can guide your selection: the working width (from 750 mm to 3680 mm), the working depth (from 140 mm to 220 mm) and the power of your carrier. The roller chassis can be mechanically movable

For turf trusses equipped with large tractors, you can opt for the RotadaironĀ® stone burier RDL 250 or RX 200-250-300-370 (for 90 to 200 HP tractors). This range of soil preparers is very suitable for big jobs, and especially for lawn veneer manufacturers.

Rotadairon offers sod installers that will save you valuable time. Our three seeding technologies (Gravity, Splines, Pneumatic) used by our sod installers will meet your conditions of use:

Gravity Seed Drills: These seed drills are particularly suitable for grass seeding in common applications

Spline Seeders: These seeding machines are recommended for those works requiring more precision

Pneumatic Seed Drills: These seed drills are particularly suitable for wide ground works (>2m)

Our machines (seeding machines, seed drills, etc.) allow to fulfil the seeding in a single pass. They can be combined with a soil preparer/ stone burier or used independently. The seed flow control system allows precise management of the implemented quantities.

RotadaironĀ® seeders SMG 155 and 205 and Rotadairon Ā® SMA 305Ā are tractor-mounted gear machines.

RotadaironĀ® seeders SMG 155, 205 are equipped with gravity seed drills

RotadaironĀ® seeder SMA 305Ā is equipped with a pneumatic seed drill.

They are all mainly designed for large area seeding. Equipped with two cast-iron rollers, the RotadaironĀ® SMG 155, 205 and SMA 305Ā provide one-pass sodding. They are used on a field previously worked with the help of a soil preparer/ stone burier.

Rotadairon manufactures dethatching machines for lawn maintenance.Ā The accumulation of organic debris on the surface of the soil leads to felt formation, which prevents the grass from breathing, water to circulate freely, thus promoting cryptogamic diseases.Ā The dethatching is the most effective tool to remedy the accumulation of this layer.

Our RotadaironĀ® DS 130 and DS 180 machines are dedicated to the dethatching and maintenance of all types of grounds (parks, gardens, sports fields) and will enhance the landscaping. The Rotadairon dethatchers designed for landscapers perform four different operations:

  • The dethatching, allows to remove the organic matter (stems, leaves, superficial roots and dead runners), which slows down the permeability and the gas exchanges and generates cryptogamic diseases and the pulling out of the lawn. Our machines contribute to keep a stronger lawn and avoid uprooting.
  • Verticutting consists of scarifying the soil, i.e., aerating and reducing the grass clippings that are left on the ground.
  • Spiking consists in aerating the soil by perforating it. This operation reinforces the rooting depth and increases water penetration. The watering of gardens and public parks will be more efficient, it will consume less water which is beneficial for the environment.
  • The rolling process eliminates air pockets at the roots and allows a better rooting of the young seedlings, ideal for the maintenance of green spaces.

Whatever the nature of your terrain, the RotadaironĀ® dethatching machine DS 130 and DS 180 have been specially designed to adapt it. Equipped with a single roller at the front, the basic version allows the DS130 and DS180 to dethatch a large flat surface type such as a sports field. For better maintenance and monitoring of the terrain, a second roller (option 1) can be added to the rear, offering a better quality dethatching. For uneven and hilly terrain, the swing kit (option 2) offers perfect flexibility in the operation. The profile of the ground is precisely monitored, allowing a high-quality dethatching on hilly golf courses. Requiring the second roller, the swing kit benefits from increased stability during operation.

Spikers DS dethatchers: 3 possibilities for more flexibility!

Our range of Spikers Dethatchers allows you to carry out dethatching or aeration operations on all your grounds, whatever their nature.

3 variants are available to you to carry out all your work:

  • Ā A basic version, with a front roller, allowing dethatching to be carried out on relatively regular ground, on sports grounds for example.
  • A version with rear roller, (option 1), offering better ground monitoring.
  • A ā€œswingā€ version, requiring option 1, allowing optimized ground monitoring and optimal thatching on hilly ground.

So whether you want to dethatch a football field, or a golf course or a grassy area, we now have a complete solution to offer to you.

The exclusive system of fixing the knives on the rotor allows a fast change (in 1h30!) and without efforts of the cutting tools. Each knife is placed independently on the rotor, so you can vary their positioning and model. RotadaironĀ® offers 3 types of knives according to your operating conditions: sharpened, unsharpened, carbide.

  • Sharpened knives : in stainless steel for a classic dethatching
  • Unsharpened knives : in stainless steel for a more aggressive dethatching
  • Carbide knives : in stainless steel with carbide plate for a very aggressive dethatching

To keep your lawn looking its best, the dethatching / scarification operation should be repeated at least twice a year in the spring and in September (in normal temperate climate conditions) or during the active vegetation period.

If you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, choose the RotadaironĀ® dethatching machine DS 130 or 180. The DS are particularly suitable for dethatching the sports fields and golf courses.

Find out more about our entire product range for the creation and maintenance of green spaces!