The TERRAGRO developed by ROTADAIRON in collaboration with the professionals of the horticultural and market gardening sector is a preparator-burier for seedbeds or plantations, in beds or in forms. The TERRAGRO works the soil surface and respects its agronomic structure.

Its oversized rotor with reverse rotation throws stones, plant waste and soil against the selection grid, and, by densimetry, deposits the coarse elements which are then covered with fine soil.

The beds have, in all points, a perfect homogeneity of density which favors a more grouped germination of seeds and a faster recovery of the plants. The TERRAGRO can thus work in all types of soil (sand, clay, silt, pebbles) while ensuring an ideal quality of preparation.

  • Oversized rotor
  • Anti-pad blades (Rotadairon® patent)
  • Selection grid fingers
  • Torque limiter with dry friction and flywheel
  • Working depth adjustment
  • Grader blade


  • Front discs